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Among the Relationship-Dating guides,  there is (  How to Date a White woman, a Practical Guide for Asian men.) .  This guide helps Asian males /  White females in their dating activities and/or to help promote better family & community relationship for inter-cultural  and inter-ethnic couples,  in this multicultural global world of the 21st century .

Finding and having a successful relationship with the right partner is an important step in life.  Career success is only one facet of a successful life,  a successful relationship with one's chosen partner is another facet of success. 

Many men (and women) would not even consider a task without the proper tools and know how,  yet surrender the pursuit and the preservation of a valuable potential life partner to random chance!

Who benefits from this book? - Non-asian women gain a better understanding of Asian men and vice versa; - Asian parents because they are most likely going to have to face this issue in their lifetime and will be more prepared on how to deal with it and hopefully be more accepting; - Asian women will gain better understanding and knowledge of this situation.

Most of all, it will benefit the typical Asian males who only date Asian women. It will help him see that there are other options, and as Asian women have adapted to the lifestyle of  North American women, it will help him gain a better working knowledge of how to treat girls in this culture and new environment.


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