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     USAsians  Asians in Film & Media & Sports

  AsianAmericanFilm  Asians in Film & Media & Sports



   Hiroshima mon amour, (A love story AM/WF) Alain Renais

   The Lover, ( A love story AM/WF)  Jean-Jacques Annaud

   Kinamand, ( a  tale of two cultures WM/AF ) Henrik Ruben Genz

   Anna and the King, Andy Tennant

   Herdsman, ( Money cannot buy you happiness or true love AM/AF) Jin Xie

   Shanghai Kiss, ( A love story , Liam Liu/Adelaide/Micky Yang AM/WF/AF )  Kern Konwiser ; Actors: Kelly Hu, James Hong

   Between: Living in the hyphen , Ann Marie Nakagawa ( Eurasian , National Film Board of Canada , documentary  )



  Asia  Tomorrow's Gold: Asia's Age of Discovery,  Marc Faber

   Feminism:   The Second Sex,   Simone de Beauvoir

  Romance  The North China Lover, Marguerite Duras

   East West cultures:  

      Foreign Babes in Beijing,   Rachel DeWoskin

      One Asian Eye: Growing Up Eurasian in America  Jean Giovanetti

      Breaking the Bamboo Ceiling : career Strategies for Asians,  Jane Hyun   

      Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother , Amy Chua     



      Immigrants Adapt, Countries Adopt... Or Not:  Fitting Into the Cultural MosaicCherif Rifa                        

       Yellow: Race in America beyond Black and White , Frank H. Wu       

   Critics on Film & Video :  

       Identities in Motion : Asian American Film and Video , Peter X Feng

       Romance and the "Yellow Peril": Race, Sex, and Discursive Strategies in Hollywood Fiction ,  Gina Marchetti   (Assistant Professor of Film , University of Maryland:  film and television  help to perpetuate social and racial inequality in America )


Asian American  Sites

  The Landscape of Asian America


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